For Still Wines

The DD cork stopper is a technical cork stopper made up of an agglomerated body with a natural cork disc at each of the ends.
The manufacturing process used is very different from that used in the production of traditional “1+1” cork stoppers currently available in the market. The DD cork stopper’s body is manufactured by individual moulding, by simultaneously gluing the two natural cork disks at a single stage. This technique allows the production of a more homogeneous cork stopper. The cork granulate of the cork stopper body covers the entire surface of the natural cork disks.

This perfect connection between the three cork stopper’s components (agglomerate body + 2 disks) guarantees a specific uniformity and mechanical behavior (elasticity, compression force, extraction strength, resistance to boiling water and seal capability).
The products used in the manufacture of DD cork stoppers comply with all FDA requirements.

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